Chargeable Services

Fees for services which do not form part of General Medical Services provision.

Private Fees

From time to time, GPs are asked by patients to carry out work for patients which does not form part of their General Medical Services provision. As such, this work will attract a fee which is often payable by the patient. Examples of this may be HGV Medicals, letters or reports in support of medical insurance claims, private treatment (GP or Nurse) where applicable or Power of Attorney applications. The receptionist or GP will advise you when this is the case and we can give you an estimate of any costs involved.

With effect from 1 November 2018 example fees will include:

  • Private Medical Examinations (HGV, PSV Etc): From £120.00
  • Holiday Cancellation Insurance Claim: From £40.00
  • Incapacity Certificates For Employer, School etc: £18.00
  • Private Prescription (Per Item): £18.00
  • Power Of Attorney Application: £50.00
  • Letter Stating Fitness For Occupational Reasons: From £25.00
  • Shotgun Licence Application: £25.00
  • Private Laboratory Fees: On Application

A charge will also be made for the administration of some travel vaccines with fall outwith the normal NHS approved list, e.g. Rabies or Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations.

  • Non NHS Travel Vaccinations (Per Course, Per Person): £25.00
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination & Certificate: £65.00
  • Replacement Of Lost Yellow Fever Certificate: £18.00

Please see the information about the travel clinic for further information about travel vaccines.

We ask that patients allow up to 7 working days before collection of requested paperwork.

Private Treatment Services

If you are undergoing an episode of treatment through a private provider, please be advised that the package of care you are receiving from them will cover ALL aspects of your care for the duration of your treatment. This will include both pre and post operative care including blood testing, wound care, suture/staple removal etc.

If on any occasion the practice is asked to carry out a procedure as part of this private treatment, you will be charged for the services provided. We are happy to provide an estimate of costs to you in advance of any such appointment. All private hospitals are aware of this and should contact the practice in advance of advising any patient to attend the practice for a private procedure.


Please note the practice only accepts cash or cheque payments for these services.

Kit for private medical assessments
Prescription pad
Ready to take blood samples