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Questions we are frequently asked by our patients.

Your questions and answers

Continuity of care (seeing the same doctor) is extremely important for you and your doctor and we would definitely encourage this where it is possible.

Test results are usually available 5-7 days after they were taken. You can obtain your result and any further instruction from the reviewing Doctor by calling the reception staff after 10am at either surgery (01738 627117 for Taymount or 01738 551739 for Scone). Find out more about test results.

There may be times when a telephone consult with a doctor or practice nurse is suitable and more convenient for you. A small number of telephone slots are available each day and the receptionist will arrange a suitable time for the doctor or nurse to phone you back.

Please be aware that the receptionist may ask you some questions as to the nature of your telephone consultation. The GP has requested that they do ask these questions in order to ensure that a telephone appointment is the most appropriate type of appointment for you. It is also worth noting is that a telephone appointment is shorter in length than an ordinary appointment so if the discussion is likely to need more than 5 minutes or needs to be more in depth, a face to face appointment may be deemed to be more suitable for you.

Read more about appointments (select telephone consultations on that page to find out more).

The Practice Healthcare Team is changing with the addition of other healthcare professionals joining us to compliment the GP team. Part of the role of the practice receptionist is to direct patients to the most appropriate healthcare professional for their needs and on many occasions the most appropriate person may not be a GP. The only way the staff can do this is to ask you for some simple information. They will not be asking you any questions to be nosy in any way and any information that you give them will be treated with respect and in the strictest confidence at all times.

Please be reassured that the reception staff will not be responsible for making any clinical decisions whatsoever around your care. If you would prefer not divulge any information to the receptionist, that is ok and we will respect this. However, we are here to help and assist you at all times and would ask you to bear this in mind when you call.

There are several ways of ordering repeat prescriptions, including by telephone, online or by handing in your repeat slip. Our page about repeat prescriptions provides more detail.

Yes. They will be seen as an emergency and a nurse and/or doctor will provide appropriate treatment and advice.

Yes, you can be seen at either surgery, and in fact that can help with continuity of care if you are able to travel between surgery sites. Many of the GPs in the practice work part-time and also split their time over both surgery sites. All patient records are in now held in electronic format and can be accessed from either surgery location so there is no need to stick to one surgery site for that reason.

Please phone either reception with your enquiry. A member of the team will be able to help you with your enquiry or direct you to the correct department.

Samples can sometimes be requested by GPs following an appointment or home visit. We can provide you with a container for this if required. Laboratory collections are made from both surgery sites on a daily basis but we do request that samples are handed in by 12 noon at Scone and by 2.00pm at Taymount. This allows the practice some time to process the sample completely before collection and also to complete any necessary in-house testing before the sample is uplifted.

The practice accepts requests for new registrations for any patients who reside within our practice boundary on a permanent basis. Read more new patient information. It may be necessary for you to see a GP as part of your registration and we would advise you to discuss this with the reception staff.

Once you have registered the birth of your baby, you should bring along your confirmation sheet given to you at that time. We would then provide you with a registration form to complete in order to add your newborn to the practice list.

Yes, you can register for an online account which allows you to order your repeat medication. Read more about online patient services.

We also provide video consultations, where appropriate. The practice use the accredited Near Me (Attend Anywhere) software for this. If you would like to try it for your next appointment, please ask the receptionist. The reception staff may also proactively offer you this as an option if they think it may be of benefit to you. You can read more about video consultations on our appointments page.

If you have moved to us from another practice who also uses Vision as their clinical system, you can unlink your account from them, and relink your account to us. However, you will still need to complete our registration form. For further information see online patient services.

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If your question isn't answered here, please contact reception at either the Taymount Surgery or Scone Surgery and we will be happy to help. Or, if your query isn't time sensitive, please complete our feedback form.