Working in Partnership

At Perth & Scone Medical Group we are committed to working in partnership with our patients; this partnership means that we have responsibilities to each other.

The Patient Charter

Our responsibilities to you:

We are committed to working in partnership with you to provide the best possible care and attention.

We are committed to treating you as an individual, and you will be given courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your ethnic origin, religious belief, personal attributes, or the nature of your health problems.

We will give you full information about the services we offer. Every effort will be made to ensure that you receive the information which directly affects your health and the care being offered.

People involved in your care will give you their names and ensure that you know how to contact them. Read about our doctors.

In the interest of your health it is important for you to understand all the information given to you. Please ask us questions if you are unsure of anything.

We will arrange a home visit as appropriate for those patients who are too ill or too infirm to be brought to the surgery. Read about appointments.

We will try to ensure that you are seen on time, but some consultations take longer than others and we have no way of knowing about this in advance. If there is a patient with an emergency or a serious problem we will give them priority. When there is a long delay, an explanation will be given by the receptionist.

We will provide you with information about how to make suggestions or complaints about the care we offer. We want to improve services and we will, therefore, welcome any comments you have, including via our online feedback form.

If you have undergone tests or x-rays ordered by the practice, we will advise you when and how to obtain the results. Read about test results.

We will ensure that our staff are trained appropriately to deal with any queries you may have.

If you are totally dissatisfied with us, or the services we provide, you have the right at any time to leave our list and to register with another practice.

Your responsibilities to us:

Being a partner means that we have responsibilities to each other. We ask, therefore, that you treat the doctors, and all practice staff, with the same courtesy and respect afforded to you.

Help us to help you. We would ask that you try to follow the medical advice offered, and to take any medication as advised.

Please read our Practice Leaflet as this will help you to get the best out of the services we offer.

Please do not ask for a home visit unless you are too ill to come to the surgery. In particular, most children can quite safely be brought to the surgery by car. Read about appointments.

Outside surgery hours, NHS24 provides cover for emergencies. Please do not call out of hours unless it is for something that cannot wait until the next day.

There is always great pressure on our appointment system. Please do everything you can to keep your appointment, and tell us as soon as possible if you cannot.

Please remember that your appointment is for one person only. If you want another family member seen, please ask for another appointment.

If you are phoning for the results of tests please do not ring before the stated time. Enquiries about tests ordered by the hospital should be directed to the hospital, not the practice.

If telephoning the practice for a non-urgent matter, please avoid calling during the peak morning time.

We have the right to have patients removed from our list. In most cases we will only exercise this right if patients repeatedly and persistently ignore their own responsibilities to us and to other patients. We will remove from our list immediately any patients who are violent or seriously abusive towards any of the practice staff. Read our policies and procedures.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own health and that of your children, and should take appropriate action and advice when necessary.

Getting the most from your appointment

It is important you create a good partnership with your doctor or healthcare professional. With respect and understanding on both sides, you should be able to develop such a relationship. The General Medical Council has published a booklet for patients about how to develop a good relationship and get the most out of your appointment: What to expect from your doctor: a guide for patients.

Your medications

We encourage you to work with your doctor or healthcare professional to decide whether a medicine is needed. This short video from Healthcare Scotland gives you an overview of the key points from their accompanying leaflet Medicines in Scotland: What's the right treatment for me? and aims to help you understand more about your treatment options and how you can work with your doctor (or other healthcare professional) to ensure you gain the greatest benefit from your treatment. For example:

  • your choices
  • the best treatment for you, including whether you should start a medicine in the first place
  • what questions to ask your healthcare professional about your medicines

Your feedback

We welcome your feedback - please complete our feedback form to let us know how we're doing.