Appointments and how they work

Find out about our appointments system.

Types of appointment

  • Pre-Bookable – Available up to 5 or 6 weeks in advance and can be booked by phone, in person or online for routine matters. To book online an online patient services account is required.
  • Same Day – available on the day for non-urgent issues
  • Emergency Slots - for urgent medical cases only

These Appointments are all 10 minutes in length.

We also offer:

  • Telephone Appointments - ideal for quick queries, medication reviews, or if your GP requests a brief chat regarding test results or to review a condition

These Appointments are all 5 minutes in length.

What happens when you call?

Please remember, lines are extremely busy first thing in the morning as that’s our busiest time of the day. Please be patient when calling and our staff will get to your call as soon as they can.

Please also don’t be offended if the receptionist asks you for some information about your need for an appointment, she has been asked by the doctors to do this. In doing so, we are just trying hard to get you the best treatment and level of service available and to make sure that you are directed to the most appropriate healthcare professional within the practice team. This may not always be a GP.

Our reception staff are trying their very best to accommodate the requests of all of our patients, and although we understand patients may feel frustrated at times, please be kind, our staff have feelings too.

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Appointments poster
Appointments Poster

Posted: 31 July 2019