Do you need to talk?

Find out about our Listening Service.

Do you need to talk?

Most of us do, especially during the difficult moments. Sometimes it's just helpful to share a story, or get something off your chest.

The Listening Service is here for you... whether you're a patient, relative or carer, we want to hear your story.

Why talk? Bereavement, work/relationship issues, stress, depression, ill health - self or others, self esteem issues, loss of purpose, drug or alcohol issues, lifestyle issues.

Sometimes you just need someone to listen...

Feedback from people who have used the service

"A weight has been lifted .... I've had more help than I thought possible."

"At a time of extreme pressure, confusion and anxiety it was exactly what I needed at the right time."

"I came away with a feeling of optimism. I have since taken positive steps to make some changes in my life, which have improved my mental and emotional well-being."

"You cannot put a price on time, or someone listening to you."

"The listening service helped me to put things into perspective, and I was finally able to let go, take a step back from my situation, and grieve."

"People have problems which overwhelm them and cause distress of varying degrees and many have no-one to talk to as they have a limited support circle or they can't share e.g. family worries with family members." (NHS Tayside GP)


If you would like to talk to our listener, Shirley, in your surgery tell your nurse or doctor, or speak to reception staff... because that's what Shirley's here for.

Posted: 29 August 2019