Mental Health & Wellbeing Nurse

Supporting your health and wellbeing.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Your Mental Health & Wellbeing needs attention, just like your Physical Health & Wellbeing. Whether it’s relationship or money worries, caring for someone or do you just need someone to talk to? You can ask to see Sarah.

Sarah is a Registered Mental Health Nurse in the surgery, here specifically to support you with Health & Wellbeing concerns that may be affecting your mental health. After chatting with you she may be able to offer suggestions on ways to improve your wellbeing, which can be affected by lots of different things!

The Five Elements of Wellbeing

  • Occupational: Is about how you occupy your time or simply liking what you do every day
  • Financial: Is about effectively managing your economic life
  • Physical: Is about having good health and enough energy to get things done daily
  • Environmental: Is about the sense of engagement you have with the area where you live
  • Social: Is about having strong relationships and love in your life

“These elements are the currency of a life that matters. They do not include every nuance of what's important in life, but they do represent five broad categories that are essential to most people.”

Rath.T & Harter.J, “The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing”, May 2010

According to the research, 66% of people are doing well in at least one of the five essential elements of wellbeing, but only 7% of people are thriving in all five elements.

About Sarah

Sarah is in the practice 2 days per week. She can see patients over the age of 16 at either Taymount or Scone, without the need to see a GP beforehand. She is able to refer onto other services depending on individual needs.

To make an appointment with Sarah, please phone reception at either Taymount or Scone, or speak to a member of staff.

Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin

Posted: 23 August 2019