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Exemptions from wearing face coverings

Exemptions and face coverings

Updated: 16 December 2020 (Posted: 7 July) · Health news

Due to the recent announcement from the Scottish Government around the mandatory wearing of face coverings from 10 July 2020, we have had a number of calls to the practice over the last few days from patients looking for GP letters to show that they are exempt from wearing a face covering due to health condition or disability.

Your GP is unable to provide these exemption letters to patients. However, you need only advise, if asked, that you have a health condition or disability which means that you cannot wear a face covering.

You do not need to provide written proof that you are exempt, but if it would make you feel more safe and confident in public and when accessing and using public spaces and services you can request a face covering exemption card by completing the online form at http://exempt.scot/.

Wearing a face covering to the practice

We would also ask that if you are attending the practice, that you do so with a face covering in place wherever possible.

Face Coverings Exemption website

The exempt.scot website