Referrals for Private Specialist Care

Information about requests for referral to specialists on a private basis

Referrals for Private Specialist Care

Posted: 18 January 2022 · Practice news

Whilst this is something we have always been able to do, we are seeing an increase at this time in the number of patients who are requesting to be seen by specialists on a private basis due to the longer waiting times for NHS Care at present due to Coronavirus backlogs.

After discussion and agreement, your GP will be happy to refer you for private care if requested. This will be done in the same manner and timescales as it would be when referring a patient for NHS provided care. However, to do this we do need you to provide the specific information around the specialist or clinic the referral has to be sent to.

At this time, we would also emphasise that, whilst patients can still be seen quicker by private providers just now, due to the increase in patients seeking this option, there may also be delays in these clinics.

Charges & Estimated Costs

When making a request for private specialist care, you will not be charged for the initial referral from the GP but you may be charged if further information or management is required following an episode of private care.

An estimated cost can be provided beforehand and charges may be made for:

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